Ayurvedeic Nutrition Diploma in Ayurveda (Ayurveda Praveena) Ayurveda Visharada Ayurveda Nishnata PHTOTHERAPY Ayurvedic Massage Ayurvedeic Nutrition Certificate course in Introduction & Philosophy Of Ayurveda Application Form Ayurveda Seminars


Duration : One year
Total Hours : 200hours
75 HOURS : Lectures, Demonstrations, Practicals. 
75 HOURS : Self study, Essays, Assignments.
50 HOURS : Project on the given topic.

Course Structrure
Lectures will be conducted on regular basis, every week or fortnight. The lectures will be from the faculty of professors who specialise in ayurvedic Medicine from India.
Study materials will be provided.

Total Modules : FOUR (4)

(DIP. A.P.)

Introduction to Ayurveda Studying Basic concepts of Ayurveda like Panchamabhootas (Five great Elements), Tridoshas (Three energies), Saptadhatu (Seven body tissues). Trimala (Three waste products).
Agni (Digestive Fire), Ama (toxins).
Studying concept of Prakruti(constitution) understanding how to analyse a Constitution & many more principles of Ayurveda.

( DIP AP-2)

Principal of Ayurvedic Pharmacology to study the Pharmacodynamics of any
herb in general. To understand the Functioning of any herb. Concept of Rasa (Taste) Veerya (Potency), Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect), Prabhava (Special Effect), Guna (properties) & Karma (Action). Concept of Anupana (Vehicle for the herb), Auishadhi Sevan Kala (Time of Administraion of herb), Matra (Dosage) etc.
Study of Panchakashaya Kalpana (5 Basic Methods of using Herb)

(DIP- AP-3)

Ayurvedic Pharmacology Study of important Herbs acting on each body system. Studying the actions of these herbs in details, indications, contraindications, (Dosage) Anupana, etc.


Clinical Phytotherapy studying basics of Dignosis, some simple diseases and simple herbal remedies for them.

Requisites for admission : Background of Natural Therapies

Assessment : Assessment will be done by Ayurvedic specialists from India.
Assessment by 4 methods :
1) Theory examination - written
2) Oral examination - Viva Voce
3) Essay, Assignments and projects done in the whole year.
4) Project